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A $300B+ Market for Your Portfolio — Is Now the Time?

The U.S. Government is the largest buyer of IT solutions in the world, but it’s a notoriously challenging market to enter. Like many companies, your portfolio is probably delaying pursuing this market opportunity because it requires:

  • Upfront investments in personnel;
  • An understanding of the unique procurement processes and contract requirements; and
  • Product alignment with regulatory compliance requirements and market use cases.

What if you had a clear line of sight over your portfolio’s readiness and ability to accelerate revenue growth in a new, massive market?

Cost-Effective Investment. Faster Access. Predictable Return.

Constellation GovCloud unlocks a $300B+ market for your portfolio 

Constellation GovCloud combines compliance and market acceleration into a single offering for VC firms so that they not only understand when their portfolio companies are ready to enter the U.S. government market, but also have a more predictable view into revenue return.

Other companies focus only on compliance, which requires your portfolio to fully invest in entering the U.S. government market without the necessary insight to make such an impactful strategic decision. This is what makes Constellation GovCloud unique and compelling. We take a 360-degree approach to working a VC firm’s portfolio that begins with a readiness assessment, which conveys:

  • Market opportunity of your portfolio company’s SaaS offerings;
  • Technical product compliance requirements, such as FedRAMP;
  • Projected budget allocation and spend in your portfolio company’s category; and
  • Competitive ecosystem and considerations.

Let us provide you with valuable data and insights to determine if now is the right time for your portfolio to tackle the U.S. government market.

Discover which portfolio company is ready to take to government. Take the first step — let’s talk.

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