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Our Story: Innovation. Access. Acceleration.

The US government and highly regulated critical infrastructure sectors rely heavily on commercial innovations to advance their missions, accelerate modernization initiatives, and defend our nation. Much of that innovation comes in the form of SaaS applications. While compliance programs have successfully standardized and modernized the process for technology companies entering the market, it is still very expensive, time consuming and extremely complex — deterring essential innovations from getting into the hands of those who need it most. This is why Constellation GovCloud was created — to bridge the gap between the world’s largest technology markets and the world’s most innovative technology companies.

Constellation GovCloud tackles this problem with a unique shared success model. By combining the power of Constellation’s market readiness services and JAB-authorized platform, Constellation has dramatically reduced the barrier to entering the market. The more successful our partners are in their sales, the more they offset annual compliance costs. This unique model benefits all stakeholders, delivering compliant innovation faster to the US government other regulated markets while reducing the risk and financial burden to innovative technology companies.

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We value each other and have fostered an environment where collaboration and relationships are priorities. We find that productivity thrives in a collaborative space and inspires us to perform our best work. We champion diversity and inclusion and encourage new perspectives to ensure we are always growing and striving for excellence.

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