Constellation GovCloud® Earns Provisional Authority to Operate from FedRAMP® Joint Authorization Board (JAB)

Authorization will accelerate compliance and market access for technology innovators

October 4th, 2023 | Tyson’s Corner, VA

Constellation GovCloud®, a leader in cloud compliance and market acceleration, today announced its platform has achieved Provisional Authority to Operate (P-ATO) from the Federal Risk and Authorization Management (FedRAMP®) Joint Authorization Board (JAB). One of a select few cloud products to earn JAB authorization each year, the Constellation GovCloud platform enables technology companies to accelerate compliance and rapidly scale into the U.S. government and other critical infrastructure markets.

Technology companies face huge barriers when entering the U.S. government market. For many companies, FedRAMP authorization is a multi-year, multi-million-dollar investment with no guaranteed return. As a result, promising companies delay or avoid entering the U.S. government market, hindering growth opportunities and denying government access to essential innovations.

“We created Constellation GovCloud to accelerate and de-risk the FedRAMP investment for strategic partners and portfolio companies,” said David Phelps, Chairman and CEO of Merlin Cyber, part of The Merlin Group, a network of companies that invests in, enables, and scales technology companies with disruptive cyber solutions. “Constellation GovCloud is more than just a FedRAMP accelerator platform. It’s a revenue accelerator. The combination of compliance and go-to-market services drives a double bottom line by accelerating time to revenue for our partners while making innovation more accessible to government end users.”

Constellation GovCloud’s fully managed service is unique. In addition to offloading the majority of compliance tasks, it reduces a partner’s compliance costs as their revenues grow in the public sector market. Constellation GovCloud’s process begins with the integration of a partner’s software development lifecycle into Constellation GovCloud’s Digital Twin environment. This enables the Constellation GovCloud team to produce a Market Readiness Assessment, which is a strategic compliance and revenue roadmap for the partner.

“Since the 1980s, commercial R&D has outpaced similar investments by the U.S. Government,” said Josh Beard, Chief Strategy Officer of Constellation GovCloud. “But the challenge our government end users face is not a lack of commercial innovation, it’s access to compliant innovation. Today’s JAB authorization unlocks access to Constellation GovCloud and allows our strategic technology partners to enter these markets faster, enabling end users to access emerging technologies without sacrificing security and compliance.”

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