Constellation GovCloud
and AWS

Accelerate time to compliance and revenue

Customers driving you to consider FedRAMP? Consulting firms recommending you start with a gap assessment? Interested in accelerating the 2+ year FedRAMP process using our CGC platform?

Start with a CGC Readiness Assessment – Here’s Why:

  • It’s more than self-attestation questionnaires
    We scan your product and tell you and your engineering team exactly what you need, equipping you with actionable data and insights, not reams of compliance jargon.
  • It’s easy
    Our standardized, container-centric process was designed to make it frictionless for you and your team.
  • It’s free
    If you choose to move forward with our subscription-based platform, the readiness service is free.

FedRAMP Readiness Service

Before committing to the FedRAMP/StateRAMP process, wouldn’t you like to know how your application and architecture stacks up to requirements?

CGC Platform Kickoff
Align on overall process, players, and considerations

Digital Twin Container Scanning
Import application into registry and scan.

Review findings from the container scanning process.

Digital Twin Deployment
Deploy application containers into Digital Twin; instrument for Continuous Monitoring evaluation

Digital Twin Application Scanning
Scan and document gaps to CGC/FedRAMP readiness.

CGC Ready Workshop
Review final CGC Ready deliverable and next steps for FedRAMP authorization.

Get Started with a Readiness Assessment